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Breastfeeding tip : Recognising a growth spurt

* You feel as though you haven't got enough
* Baby getting upset at the breast (though can be a sign of other common problems)
* Baby is breastfeeding often or almost nonstop (feel like baby is always wanting to feed)
* A baby who was previously sleeping through the night is now waking to breast feed several times
* Baby will latch and unlatch, fussing in between

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Why is she doing it !!!!

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topic 5 Why is she doing it !!!!

Post by emmiesmummy on Wed May 07, 2008 8:41 am

Emily has started punching herself in the head while she feeds,she does it constantly .It sounds awful & leaves her head & ear bright red,ive tried giving her a toy to hold but then she just hits herself with that too! Ive held her arm down but it makes her wriggle & clamp down. Anyone got any ideas scratch

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topic 5 Re: Why is she doing it !!!!

Post by Helen on Wed May 07, 2008 10:44 am

Bethany's done this a few times when i've been feeding her but i noticed if my hand or a part of my top was there for her then she'd hold that instead of hitting herself lol. Dont no if this helps! But she still hits herself with a toy or her hand when i've got her lied on the floor!

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topic 5 Re: Why is she doing it !!!!

Post by jools on Wed May 07, 2008 11:38 am

Brody used to do this too scratch Have no idea why but I found the best thing to distract him was to dangle the thread from my top (what you hang your clothes up with). He used to tug on that instead! Very Happy

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topic 5 Re: Why is she doing it !!!!

Post by Natasha on Wed May 07, 2008 12:19 pm

Wear something to distract her or give her a favourite toy to play with, just something to hold while your feed hun :aww:

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topic 5 Re: Why is she doing it !!!!

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