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Getting over the lack of confidence, etc??

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default Getting over the lack of confidence, etc??

Post by JaneJayandBaby on Wed Sep 24, 2008 10:45 am

Some women have lots of confidence, and I have noticed a few people on here are able to feed their baby anywhere they choose and to feel proud, and not be effected by what people say or think, or the looks they give.

Well.. I want to know your secret lol. I would so love to be able to breast feed my baby in any place, at any time, no matter how many people are present or who is watching. But I just cannot get over the confidence hurdle.I know that sounds selfish, as my baby should be the most important... and believe me I do try. But being the unconfident person I am I end up mega stressed and close to tears, feeling terrible and like I am frowned upon, which them means I am clumsy and rushing to get him latched on, he then picks up on my negative vibes and gets more stressed.

Ive tried the wearing 2 tops thing, and still unconfident.

Today he has his first jabs and i know that boob would soothe him so much more than a bottle... but yet ill be taking expressed milk in a bottle... as i really cannot have him waiting to eat to comfort him until i get to the car.
even feeding him in the car makes me feel uneasy... sort of like i am doing something wrong, and that people will dislike me because ofthat.

were also having feeding problems again which makes it much harder to feed him wherever we are.

i can feed infront of hubby, mother and mother in law... but thats as far as it goes Sad

please tell me im not alone? and that i can overcome it easily? x

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default Re: Getting over the lack of confidence, etc??

Post by piesmummy2006 on Wed Sep 24, 2008 11:05 am

awwwwwwww hun! :aww: :aww: :aww:

i found it very hard too, it took me such along time to feel at ease feeding outside the home i too thought to much about what people think and feel about it. you just have to try and ignore them they are prob not bothered or even notice. i started by putting a muslin square over me and Niamh so it just looked like i was giving her a love.

the others will be along soon with better advice hun as i was very much like you in the begining. xxxx

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default Re: Getting over the lack of confidence, etc??

Post by gem1981 on Wed Sep 24, 2008 12:26 pm


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default Re: Getting over the lack of confidence, etc??

Post by angpixi on Wed Sep 24, 2008 12:32 pm

:aww: :aww: im only over confident cos im 37 and bf my 5th baby! i was 19 and unbelievably shy even around my dad when i had my first and with the first time bf as well it took ages before i was comfortable. dont push yourself, if you dont feel comfy then dont think you have to feed in front of people just because others do :aww:
when you take him for jabs ask the hv for a private room to feed in- last time i went they put us in an unused dr room ( i felt kind of special!!)
do you have any friends who bf? or is there a bf clinic where you could 'practice'
take it slowly and build up your confidence before you go the whole feeding in public thing! and if you stil dont feel confident then dont do it, if he does take bottles then he wont go without and you can save the boobies for your special time. theres no fixed rules for bf and you just do what suits you and your babe best and makes you both happy :aww: :aww: :aww:

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default Re: Getting over the lack of confidence, etc??

Post by clairelana on Wed Sep 24, 2008 3:32 pm

I was really shy with my first i used to hide myself away if any visitors came round. I never went out in case she wanted feeding. As you can guess i soon gave up. I had no support at all and didn't even think of expressing.

This time round i started with a totally different mind frame. I was determined to feed for longer. I knew this meant feeding in public. I started off with a muslim square over us then went to the 2 tops. Now i feed in anything, anywhere. Confidence grows with time. Don't bother whats going on around you. Just feed your baby.

Like Ang said if your happier giving expressed milk then gie that. Just do what ever works fo you.


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default Re: Getting over the lack of confidence, etc??

Post by emmiesmummy on Wed Sep 24, 2008 4:49 pm

Emily is 9 months and im just getting to grips, im still awkward on getting my boobie back in the bra discreetly but the more often you try the easier you feel about it. I tend to turn my chair or position myself so my back is towrds strangers so i dont feel as exposed & also practice where you are comfortable till you get more confident.

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default Re: Getting over the lack of confidence, etc??

Post by Pink Rose on Thu Sep 25, 2008 3:58 pm

I am a very confidence breastfeeder, I BF in shopping centres, cafes, air planes, air ports, trains etc. all sorts of places. I feel more confidence BFG in places where I don't know the people. And I don't stop when my baby reaches toddlerdom either.

However I don't feel confidence BFG in front of my hubby's family b/c they are all anti-breast. I just look at the wall instead to avoid looking at their expressions of disgust!!! Laughing

BFG in front of strangers is much easier, I think as the time goes by. You find yourself thinking "What's hell! I shall do it anyway!"
Pink Rose

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default Re: Getting over the lack of confidence, etc??

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