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Keira Jessica - 09/09/09

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default Keira Jessica - 09/09/09

Post by nickyjones on Mon Sep 14, 2009 7:18 pm

I have finally got the energy and time to write my birth story. I had originally planned to have another home birth using the pool (still in my garage untouched!). However Monday evening (7th) I decided to just test my blood pressure on our home cuff. This was very high, 141/94 or something like that. I only checked for a bit of reassurance as my feet / legs were particuarly painful from the swelling but I had been on them most of the day. I decided to wait until morning and try again in case it was a glitch. However it was even higher the first reading I took on the morning, so I took another and it was back down to the night befores reading. From advice on here I decided not to wait for my Thursday routine appointment and left a message asking for my MW to contact me. She said it was probably just a dodgy reading from the cuff, but said she would pop round and test it and test my urine to be on the safe side. She came round at 10:30, and it was even higher, so she tested my urine and found traces of protien. She then told me I had to go to the day assessment unit to be checked out to be on the safe side. She said it was probably just high BP at the end of pregnancy (I was 38 +6) and it would probably all be fine when I get there.

She phoned them up and they were quite busy so asked if I could go up at 3pm. I contacted hubby who (thankfully) decided to just come home and help cheer me up (I was really upset and I knew this would almost certainly be an end to my hopes of a homebirth), and take me up to the unit. When we finally got up there and seen my BP was still very high, and they kept checking it every 15 mins or so. It just kept climbing and climbing. They retested my urine, which they said only had a very trace amount of protein so she wasn't too worried about that, but sent my bloods to be confirm whether it was Pre-eclampsia or not, but that was going to take 2hrs to get the results.

When the bloods came back, it confirmed it was pre-eclampsia, and BP was still very dangerously high, so I was moved immediately onto the labour ward. I was told that they needed to get my BP down first as it was so dangerous, and they were going to induce me but weren't sure if they were going to do it that night or wait until morning. I was given some tablets, I was given a dose of some other drug. I was starting to get very twitchy and they were very worried that I was going to have a fit (they told me this later), so they put me on a drip of magnesium something (sulphate maybe?), and put a catherter in. That was probably the worst thing for me personally about my whole experience. The combination of all the drugs finally got my BP to under 100 on the base level, and they came back and said that given I was so far along (38 +6), there was no point in delay and they were going to induce me. They would try and break my waters first if they could (if not use the gel), and then if that didn't start things off I would have to go on the drip to be induced. The first MW tried to break my waters couldn't as they were so posterier so she got a doctor to come and have a go. Thankfully the doctor managed it, though her comment was that she had to go up at my tonsils to do it! It was 10pm by the time they broke my waters.

I then had monitors strapped to my to monitor babys heart beat and monitor my contractions. They were picking up some tightenings but I had always thought these were the baby moving in the past. At 10:50 they moved me to a proper labour room, which was horrible trying to walk along attached to the drip, catherter between my legs, and my waters leaking all along the corridor as I went. However the walk seemed to help as when I got there, and said I wanted to sit on a birthing ball (thank god they were prepared to let me have that), I felt the first what I considered a contraction at 10:55. After that they built up really really quickly. I got hubby to find out the tens machine - when we discovered that when I had packed the bags I had forgotten to pack the new pads. They were able to find some which was great. Not that long later I asked for the gas and air which helped. It wasn't long before I felt that things were really intense and moving and I asked to be examined. She was happy to do so, and was really suprised to discover I was 3-4cms. I was gutted though, it felt to me it should have been more. It wasn't much later that I Was starting to feel urges to push. I said this to her, but also said that I couldn't be at that stage as she hadn't long examined me and I was only 3-4cms. She then told me it was my second and you can go from 3-4 to fully dilated in no time with your second. I still resisted the urge to push - very conscious of how much I tore last time. However it got to the point where my body was pushing without any control from me. I was very out of it on the gas and air at this point as I was getting seconds between contractions. I remember them telling me not to sit back down (I was standing during contractions), I remember a comment about the head crowning, and being told I was coping really well, which I really felt I wasn't and told them so. By this point a contraction hadn't finished before another one started and I was just saying please make it stop. At some point I was told to stop pushing and pant (which was very hard to do), and then being told to push again, and it felt like I was literally ripping open from and back (far more painful than with Ellie) I convinced I must have tore, and then it felt like she just popped out. It was 12:40am when she was born, and amazingly I hadn't torn, just 2 small grazes.

They insisted on giving me the injection to deliver the placenta, as there is a greater risk of something given how high my BP was. I couldn't hold her to start with as I was so exhausted, but once they helped me onto the bed, I was able to give her a lovely cuddle.

She was 7lb 9oz, and absolutely perfect and completely healthy, which I am so glad about. I am really sad that I couldn't give her the drug free start to live I hoped to, but really glad she is well.

Sorry it was such an essay.


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default Re: Keira Jessica - 09/09/09

Post by kay on Mon Sep 14, 2009 7:35 pm

what a story!

sorry you didnt get the birth you planned for, but like you say, your little miracle is with you safe and sound, and everyone is well!


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default Re: Keira Jessica - 09/09/09

Post by Natasha on Mon Sep 14, 2009 8:23 pm

Awww hun so pleased shes here safe and well and so are you, congratulations!

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default Re: Keira Jessica - 09/09/09

Post by piesmummy2006 on Mon Sep 14, 2009 10:53 pm

awww she is beautiful!! congrats glad she is here safe and well x x

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default Re: Keira Jessica - 09/09/09

Post by angpixi on Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:48 am

shes beautiful! sorry you didnt get the birth you wanted but at least youre both healthy and happy

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default Re: Keira Jessica - 09/09/09

Post by Kasia80 on Tue Sep 15, 2009 12:16 pm

awwww bliss gorgeous baba! Well done, hun! You are great mama :aww:

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default Re: Keira Jessica - 09/09/09

Post by Sponsored content

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