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Breastfeeding tip : Recognising a growth spurt

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* Baby getting upset at the breast (though can be a sign of other common problems)
* Baby is breastfeeding often or almost nonstop (feel like baby is always wanting to feed)
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* Baby will latch and unlatch, fussing in between

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Asking for "booby" all of a sudden?

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default Asking for "booby" all of a sudden?

Post by TashaAndBump on Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:30 am

Anna weaned when she was 17 months old. I was open to the idea of feeding Anna after the twins were born, but she asked once and when I let her, she didn't seem to know what to do anymore.

Anyway, it has been 11 months since Anna stopped breastfeeding now. I was feeding Grace yesterday and Anna came over and started, going "Booby? The booby?" and she started pulling my top and trying to get my boob out! I said no because it's been so long and told her, "You're a big girl now, you don't have booby anymore do you?" but I asked her if she wanted some of mummy's milk in a cup, to which she said yes and I expressed some for her and she seemed happy.

But the same thing happened again earlier this morning and this time she threw a great big tantrum and started screaming and crying that she wanted "the booby"! After grabbing at my top for a while and me telling her no, she threw herself on to her back on the sofa, nearly fell off and started crying her eyes out!

She has since then had ANOTHER tantrum because she wanted my toothbrush, I said no, she got upset and asked for the booby and when I asked her if she wanted some of my milk in a cup she had a proper full on tantrum! This is so unlike her.

I am confused. I thought by Anna weaning herself at 17 months I wouldn't have to deal with anything like this! She hasn't asked for it once before this since just after the twins were born so I'm confused why all of a sudden she wants it!

Any advice please? I completely don't know what to do. I don't want to breastfeed Anna anymore. I spend enough time breastfeeding with the twins and also it seems that Anna already stopped breastfeeding so I saw that as my chance to get her off the breast without a fuss, I feel if I let her back on, we'll only have to deal with this again at a later date? But how do I explain to her that she can't have it without making her cry like this? Has anyone any idea why all of a sudden she is convinced that she wants it so badly?! It seems so weird when it had been so long since she was last breastfeed. It's come out of nowhere :/


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default Re: Asking for "booby" all of a sudden?

Post by kay on Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:08 am

hiya hunny,

this is my concern about when i have the baby, as Corey was more 'joint weaned' at 23 months.

I think it sounds like the terrible 2's possibly, if she is having tantrums over other things too?

Do you express much milk? is it feasible to let her have EBM if she asks for boobies? If so, i would do that, maybe get her a special cup for it, abd explain the babies need it from mummies boobies as it is their only food.

The other option is to let her try latching on - i would imagine she wont be able to now to be honest, and it could be a curiousity thing and it will get it out of her system?

big hugs hunny

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default Re: Asking for "booby" all of a sudden?

Post by Natasha on Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:59 am

This is totally normal behaviour.

Olivia still does this, so I gve her some in a cup if shes really adamant!

Shes probably going through another development stage and she requires extra comfort, and what does this best? Booby!

This will probably blow over once shes gone through this stage, but fo rthe time being offer other forms of comfort etc and/or offer her some bm in a cup?

I couldn't have livi bfing now, would be just too uncomfortable for me. She only does it now when shes seeking attention and reasurrence.

Breastfed Lottie for nearly two years and Livi for 13 months.
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default Re: Asking for "booby" all of a sudden?

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