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My birth story of Zane

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default My birth story of Zane

Post by allykatz on Fri Oct 01, 2010 11:48 pm

ok to begin with i had a scan at 28wks and was told i had polyhydromnious (sp) so was rescanned and at 36wks was given the all clear to go ahead with my homebirth.....................

So as usually no signs or idea on the saturday went to bed at 2 that night felt normal and woke at 4.45 needing the toilet but with him lying to my left side resting on a nerve but with a bit of other pain too ed asked if i was ok as i was getting up said yeah just need toilet so went then had a walk downstairs trying to see if the pain went, tried to get back in bed lay there but wasn't comfy one bit and felt restless so came down stairs at 5.30.

now what i was feeling wasn't like contractions when they start it was more like nerve pressure with an ache to it and they didn't have a time to them, must of got to about 6.30 and i lay on the settee to try to sleep woke up at 8.45 when kids started to get up and all i could do was walk around or sit at one of the table chairs as they were hard, the pains still felt the same (still not like any type of contraction pains i'd felt with the others) had a walk to the shop about 11 must of been gone about 10mintues and had 3 while doing that, most of the pains were around 10min apart though.....

at 12ish decided i should phone delivery to let them know so my mw could come check me as the pains had got a bit more uncomfy and knew i could go fast, mw was with me within 10minutes had a feel of my tum while i got a pain then gave me a very good stretch and sweep (she must of had her fingers in there for about a minute clearing it lol)... so after that she was just going to sit for the hour to see what happened made us both a cup of tea and she timed the pains which jumped abit but soon came down to every 5minutes, during this time the kids decided they wanted to be in the living room to be nosey lol, after a while though i knew things were going further as i started to shiver and with the odd pain i got pressure down i sat down on the floor lent against the settee as found that comfy, at this point the 2nd mw came and with in minutes i started to get urges to push with one of them my back waters went like 2 small pops this is where the panic began there was thick meconium in it she checked fast to see how far i was but i was only 7cms and part of the cervix was still thick they checked his hb which was still showing to him being ok, i still needed to push which i was doing oh is was aweful trying to push something that wasn't moving, mw could tell i wasn't going to deliver within the next 5minutes as then i could of stayed at home, so one mw phoned for the blue lights to come get me the other phoned delivery to say we was on our way... ambulance came oh god being strapped to a bed when you want your legs spread to push isn't good and being bumped out of your house in to the van then bounced in the back of a van while its moving while still pushing is so dam horrid we pulled up at the hospital finally and i pushed and finally my waters broke mw checked and it was full of meconium and great the door way was full of people lol.... got in to delivery and wheeled in the room oh my god i was stuck but they wanted me to move on to there bed finally managed it with strong mw..... my mw checked me and said i was still 7cms but i was still needing to push hard, 1st they said tp breath through it NO NO i told them so they said ok go with it just push, mw checked a bit later and i was fully dilated (sorry dont know times of things) she kept her hand in me to stretch my cervix more while i pushed to get his head out, it still felt like i was pushing nothing out must of been doing it for ages but they said his head was there so i tried my hardest and finally felt that bulge of the head come out and then heard them say the cord was tight round his neck but the urge to push was still there oh god i tried my best not to push i remember peering over my tummy and seeing them drag it from round him head then i pushed and he came out and thankgod he cried straight away, oh an even bigger relief was him being out and that horrid pain was gone and because he gave a good cry the doctor they had ready didn't need to check him, it feels such a blur which it never had before........ oh and i didn't have any pain relief but then i didn't plan to anyway even though when in hospital they asked but my mw said its ok we have a tough one here lol, yeah right that f'ing pain but didn't see the point to having it specially so late on, they said i would have to stay till he was 24hrs old to check him over just in case any did go inside but it didn't and he is doing great and has done a tremendous amount of more poo's since lol........ thankgod its over even though it wasn't the hb i wanted he is fine........ think i got everything down lol, i dont even know how long i was in labour for really as i wasn't dilated when she came so maybe 2/3hrs established labour.

zane was born on the 7th feb at 4.35 in the afternoon weighing 8lb 4oz

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default Re: My birth story of Zane

Post by summer-rain on Thu Oct 28, 2010 1:00 am

I am so glad you had such a supportive MW and Zane was fine hug3 It must have been quite scary with the cord being wrapped the way it was and no pain relief well done you !


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default Re: My birth story of Zane

Post by kay on Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:25 am


wow, i missed this one - been a little wrapped up in my own world sorry!

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Breast Buddies

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default Re: My birth story of Zane

Post by angpixi on Thu Oct 28, 2010 12:26 pm

thanks for sharing, what a lovely pic of him too hes soo cute!

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default Re: My birth story of Zane

Post by Sponsored content

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