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Breastfeeding tip : Recognising a growth spurt

* You feel as though you haven't got enough
* Baby getting upset at the breast (though can be a sign of other common problems)
* Baby is breastfeeding often or almost nonstop (feel like baby is always wanting to feed)
* A baby who was previously sleeping through the night is now waking to breast feed several times
* Baby will latch and unlatch, fussing in between

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Breastfeeding Poems
Winning Poem by Kay
My Breastfeeding Story

Who would have thought I would do it?
I really didn't know if I could.
I desperately wanted to breastfeed,
After all, every woman should!

With help and support from my Breastbuddies,
I was as prepared as I could be
And when I gave birth to Corben,
It came so naturally to me!

The 1st suckle - no words can describe it!
I knew we were going to succeed!
And if ever I have any questions
My breastbuddies are all I need!!

We had to master feeding in public -
It was something I'd started to dread
But after we'd done it the 1st time,
The high of it went to my head!

I love breastfeeding my baby
It's the most natural thing you can do.
I feel at one with the world and with nature,
And I hope he still feeds when he's 2!!!

Poem  by Gem1981

Breastfeeding is so special to me,
Its just between me and my baby,
It's a skill we have learnt together,
That we can share whatever the weather.

Yes, there have been hard times along the way,
But I could never quit,
Knowing she's getting the very best,
Makes it all worth it.

As I feed my babe from my breast,
I look down at her and smile,
We've been on somewhat of a quest,
But its worth going the extra mile.

Breast for my baby -Poem by Just rachel

From bump to baby,
From boy to man.
I will give you my best,
And do all that I can.

I am your mum,
You are my boy.
The hours we have nursed,
Have filled me with joy.

Right from the start
I have given you my heart.
I fed you from my breast
This at times was a test.

The months have flew by,
Now it's my turn to cry
As you teeth on my breast
Another hurdle, another test.

Nursing is love, Joy and giving
Cracked nipples and sore boobs..
Of this I am forgiving.
I feed you, I love you and do all that I can.
A mothers love is eternal.
You will always be my little man
Breastfeeding poem - by Helen

I love the warmth i feel when she’s cradled in my arms,

And the special smile she saves only for me.

I love the knowledge that i am giving her the best start in life,

With so many benefits and no negatives,

Breast is best forget the rest!

Sure, its not been plain sailing,

The best things rarely are!

But the obtacles in our path we’ve overcome,

And theres many more feeds yet to come!

Five months of mummy’s milk have made her big and strong,

When she’s one and were carrying on,

My baby will be so bright.

The bond we share will never fade,

It will go from strengh to strength.

And thats the reasons me and Bethany think that breastfeeding is so great!

Poem by


From Inside to Outside- Poem by Morgan
you were an angel not yet incarnate,
unfurling your blameless wings inside me

your little body still moulds itself
to my shape, mouth an extension

of our continued oneness,
your soft head nestled in my arm

your eyelashes moving like butterflies
as you delay - your flight - a little - longer
Poem by Rhianna's Dad on her Behalf.

I love my milk
I want my milk
I need my mummy milk now

Its tastes so sweet
and's better for me
Than milk from any old cow!

And Rhi'smummy's Poem

My toddler is tired and grumpy today
Her molars are coming theres one on the way
She doesn't want to laugh, she doesn't want to play
So we sit on the sofa, and Nurse the pain away

Poem by SarahW

I love the way she looks at me,
when she has her booby tea,
As i wrap her in my arms,
My baby it always calms.

She loves a drink when thirsty too
i love breast feeding yes really i do
so when people stop and stare
i look and think well i dont care

Cos Mollies whats important to me
so boobies are the vital key
her hapiness and her smile
have made breast feeding all worth while.

So you out there who don't agree
well look elsewhere and not at me.

Milk Glorious Milk - by Emmiesmummy

Milk glorious milk
Warm ready & yummy
No waiting for steriliser ,bottles or the kettle
No crying waiting for baby to settle

Milk glorious milk, made specially for me
Just being near my mum makes me feel hungry
Lying there next to her tummy to tummy
Mouth opens wide, my eyes are beaming
Milk made from all that love theres no screaming

Milk glorious milk, who wouldn’t love it
Keeps me healthy & strong ,totally protected
From, all those nasty germs & infections
Its our special bond, giving affection

Milk glorious milk made by my mummy
Im such a lucky girl happy & contented
Milk on tap all day or night never waiting
I just open wide start lactating.

Milk glorious milk ,theres nothing quite like it
Served straight from the breast is how I like it.

Poem by Nichola

By the light of the moon
when all is quiet and still
my baby is at my breast
contentedly drinking his fill
I am happy to sit here and quietly feed
to give my baby all that he needs
to grow and one day to be big and be strong
knowing in the blink of an eye he’ll be grown and be gone

I dream of his future, an unwritten book
How will he act?
How will he look?
I want for him a myriad of things
not silver or gold or big diamond rings
but laughter and love,
health, happiness and joy
these are the treasures I want for my boy.

I sit and I dream and I hold in my heart
The time I spend giving him the best possible start.

All these poems were submitted by our members and belong to our members, please do not copy these without permission, these came from their heart which only a breastfeeding mother herself would understand.
Thank you.
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