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Breastfeeding tip : Recognising a growth spurt

* You feel as though you haven't got enough
* Baby getting upset at the breast (though can be a sign of other common problems)
* Baby is breastfeeding often or almost nonstop (feel like baby is always wanting to feed)
* A baby who was previously sleeping through the night is now waking to breast feed several times
* Baby will latch and unlatch, fussing in between

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Emilys weight

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default Emilys weight

Post by emmiesmummy on Fri May 23, 2008 12:03 pm

Took Emily to be weighed today & they think shes not gained enough weight, she was 8lb 12oz at birth and is now 14lb at 5 months 1 week. They suggested starting her on solids asap or waking her in night to get more milk feeds in. I mentioned blw & hv said she didnt know too much about its benefits as its all fairly new, but thought if mum is sensible on what to give then do what i feel, i know my baby best. but i forgot to ask what age you need to sterilise bowls etc up to.

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default Re: Emilys weight

Post by nichola on Fri May 23, 2008 12:21 pm

Personally I don't steriles anything. I do use a dishwasher though I figure it must get hot enough!

Also once mine start crawling they put everything in their mouths I would have to sterilise the whole house!!

My friends dad is a retired consultant paedatrician and he said you only really need to sterilise things that have had milk in.

We go by the motto a little bit of dirt is good for them builds up the immunity and prevents allergies!!!

Just a thought on Emilys weight are they using a breatfed growth chart for her? Breastfed babies put on weight differently to ff babies usually alot slower (although not always) The theory is that cows need to grow big very fast so the proteins in cows milk and therefore formula put weight on and human babies need to grow their brains and nervous system before they grow bigger so breastmilk has components that do that instead.

Nichola x


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default Re: Emilys weight

Post by Helen on Fri May 23, 2008 12:50 pm

Nichola is right about the growth charts hun, its annoys me so much when the hv's compare bf babies to the growth charts of ff! Evil or Very Mad

I've always been told to sterilise everything till 1 year but i dont have a dishwasher so dont no!

Start her on solids when u think its right yourself :aww:

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default Re: Emilys weight

Post by Kasia80 on Fri May 23, 2008 1:06 pm

omg, this is ridiculous!!!!!!!!! Your HV stinks hun!!!!
You could print some of this stuff off and stick it in your local baby clinic/ HV office, for them to learn something finally:
Weigh charts for BF babies:
Infant growth calculators and average weight gain for bf babies:

Girls are right!

We never sterilise anything. And I've haven't used bleach till we've moved to this house and it was only about 2 weeks to clean it off. Now I'm fine with our own germs hehe!

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default Re: Emilys weight

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